donderdag 8 mei 2014


Photograph April in Belgrade by Janos Guljas on 500px

Belgrado-Serbia -Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, is fast establishing itself as the party capital of Europe. Split by the converging Danube and Sava rivers, the city is divided into Old and New Belgrade. Both have their own unique and interesting neighbourhoods. Most of our hostels are situated in Old Belgrade, where, in the Old Town, you’ll find the popular Knez Mihailova Street, the city’s central promenade and a great place to browse the shops, stop for a coffee in one of the many cafés or admire the historic architecture. Like the city itself, Belgrade’s nightlife is split into two - during winter the clubs are indoors. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly uninviting buildings these clubs are based in. Then, in summer, the nightclubs are relocated to the river. Step onto one of the river barges, known as splavs, and experience the city’s floating nightlife scene. Preview imageBelgrado-Serbia Preview imageBelgrado,_Beograd.JPG Belgrado.... BELGRADO Belgrado-Serbia ...Belgrade - Serbia Belgrado.Belgrado.BELGRADO... of Kalemegdan - Belgrade - Serbia of Kalemegdan - Belgrade - Serbia Fortress of Kalemegdan - Belgrade - Serbia Belgrado.... NOVI SAD....

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